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Turn Your Armoire into a Cedar Closet and Create Practical Storage

Huntsville, Ala. If you live in an older home, chances are you have little or no closet space. An armoire is a delightful addition to a bedroom because it provides a sense of character as well as much-needed storage space for your expensive clothes. It can also be a beautiful piece of furniture that can last for decades.

Armoires have stood the test of time. In 18th-century Europe, homeowners were taxed for each room of the house, including closets. So armoires not only served a practical purpose but a financial one as well. Cedar closets have been around for centuries. In the 17th century, cedar was used in linen rooms to repel moths.

"You can enhance the look and functionality of your armoire by literally turning it into a cedar closet," says HGTV and CedarSafe Home Improvement Expert Pat Simpson.

You can turn an armoire into a cedar closet by lining the inside with cedar planks or panels that are available in most home centers. Aromatic Eastern Redcedar closet liners, which are made from juniper trees, will freshen your clothes with a great cedar scent. There's an added benefit: The cedar naturally protects your clothes from moth larvae that eat wool and from silverfish that like to eat cotton and rayon.

"Cedar is nature's pest repellant," says Simpson.

The tongue-and-groove cedar planks provide a luxurious look to the inside of the armoire. The 4' x 8' cedar panels are made from pressed cedar and provide a more basic look.

To line your armoire in cedar, you'll need three to five boxes of cedar liner planks ($28 a box) or two to three wood panels ($28 each). Measure, cut with a power saw and glue the cedar planks or panels inside the armoire with sub-floor adhesive. The project should only take a few hours if you have a moderate skill level.

"After a year or two, the cedar scent will go away," says Simpson. But you can bring it right back by lightly sanding the closet liners. It only takes a few minutes.